Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS refers to the distribution of a large number of SMS messages to cell phone terminals. It is frequently used for warnings, reminders, marketing, as well as information and communication among stakeholders. It serves a range of purposes for media organizations, businesses, banks (for marketing and fraud control), and consumer brands. SPELL SMS allows you to send SMS in mass & create SMS campaigns in few clicks. Our web-based SMS application is used for both sending and receiving bulk SMS and it supports delivery to all the major operators like Nepal Telecom, Ncell, and Smart Tel. Subscribing to one of the leading Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nepal will allow you to expand your business through targeted deals and marketing efforts. We are one of the most trusted and reliable Bulk SMS Service Providers in Nepal, providing high-quality services to meet target audiences in a short period of time.

Bulk MMS

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a standard way to send messages that include multimedia content to a mobile phone over a cellular network. Users and providers may refer to such a message as a PXT, a picture message, or a multimedia message.  Unlike text-only SMS, MMS can deliver a variety of media, including up to forty seconds of video, one image, a slideshow of multiple images, or audio. Bulk MMS marketing is a way of communicating with a wide range of customers using multimedia messages. Add pictures or GIFs the same way you would send mass texts - through our bulk MMS marketing service. Using our MMS platform, your business is able to contact thousands of potential customers around the world with eye-catching promotions, coupons or special announcements. Send bulk MMS advertising and have your message delivered straight to your customer's handsets. Craft your message exactly how you wish to communicate to your customers and deliver it to them in a way you know they cannot miss. The process is very simple; upload your contact list and your message and we’ll make sure your message gets delivered. Sending bulk MMS messages online to mobile devices allows you to reach specific consumers that traditional marketing communication simply can't.

SMS Gateway API

API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it specifies how various software intermediaries communicate with one another. The Bulk SMS Gateway API service is simple to set up and use, allowing you to send bulk SMS to all of your clients in Nepal and around the world. SPELL SMS offer a powerful and flexible set of SMS Gateway APIs so you can programmatically send text messages. Our SMS gateway API facilitates SMS integrations, as it allows our clients to combine their current communication applications with our bulk SMS service, creating more leads and furthering your bottom line.

SMS Voting

SMS Voting Service (SMS Poll) is the simplest and fastest way to find out what your audience is thinking. Bulk SMS voting is used to start opinion polls or to vote to get input from the public. SMS voting is a most social brand-built web-based service which allows people to use their power of SMS through mobile phones from anywhere during various competitions such as beauty pageants, talent shows, tv reality shows and others. SPELL SMS provides a complete SMS voting control panel and a robust networking user-friendly message platform. The audience uses its mobile device simply as an alternative SMS voting device and transmits a text message on behalf of the preferred candidate.

SMS Shortcodes

Short codes are five-digit numbers that are easy to remember, such as 95001. It's a versatile and simple method of sending and receiving SMS text messages to and from customers. Customers can send text messages by typing the appropriate keyword and addressing them to the business's 5 digit SMS short code. Short codes are often used for value-added services such as charitable donations, telephone services, ringtone ordering, and voting. Short Codes are of following two types,

1. Dedicated Short Codes

Dedicated Short Codes are provided exclusively to a single organization or a business house.

2. Shared Short Codes

Shared Short Codes are used by multiple organizations at the same time to run different campaigns.

Voice SMS

Voice SMS is an automated call that contains a recorded message. You can either record the message or utilise a text to speech converter. The message is played once the user picks the call. Voice is the best way to communicate with your customers.Voice SMS services have exponentially grown in popularity over the recent years. With the help of mTalkz, you can leverage speech recognition technology to enable users to interact with your brand seamlessly. Make use of hands-free, efficient communications that are more ‘human-like’ and ‘personalized’ in nature than any other form of the user connection.It is personal and is not limited by the language barrier you can send message with any language.